MS36 TT codeur pour changeur d'outils

Tool Turret absolute encoder

MS36 TT is the absolute encoder expressly designed for integration in tool turret systems of CNC lathes.
It has been optimized both mechanically and electronically to suit the position feedback requirements in the indexing operations of the fastest tool turrets.

Even more it  has been developed to meet the spare parts demand especially in the most dynamic and high-precision tool turret systems such as  Duplomatic Automation and Baruffaldi. Besides its full compatibility with the most popular tool turret encoders, yet MS36 TT provides some  additional advantages over competitors at an attractive price.

First of all the absolute encoder gains in flexibility thanks to the extended  position range: it is available in fact in four ranges for indexing up to 24 tools in 8-, 10-, 12- and 24-station turrets. The indexing position is  output in either 4-bit or 5-bit binary code; while a LOW logic level zone having an amplitude ranging from 3° to 7° is set between subsequent positions for increased signal safety. The Strobe signal for Slave – Master transmission synchronization has an amplitude of 12°. In addition, it boasts a precision of 1° 24' and a maximum operational frequency of 128 MHz.

MS36 TT is more durable and better suited for installation in industrial environments. It affords a resistant plastic enclosure and a high IP66 protection rate to withstand harsh installations. Furthermore it is user-friendly and easy to install thanks to the very compact design (40 mm flange diameter, 34 mm depth) with both axial and radial cable outputs.

It is further equipped with a built-in LED intended to indicate the position 1 dedicated to the first tool in the sequence (the LED is on in position 1 with active Strobe).
This make it easier and faster to install and phase the encoder and the turret stations.


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